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Africa leaders are problems in Africa continent.

To my research and opinion Africa leaders are foolish to not support Muammar al Gaddafi in 2009, Gaddafi have a big dreams for Africa for the things mention,single military force for Africa single currency single now Africa would have United together to be United state of Africa,I’m from Nigeria,Nigeria president then was also foolish to not accept the proposal’s one person must be a king or fonder of something.Africa Union,what did they do to prevent not to kill Muammar al Gaddafi,they did nothing How can someone came from American to determine what gonna happened in Africa NATO was in support in killing Myanmar Russia is still fighting UN have meet with Russia president and Russia leader refuse and continue,why NATO did not go ahead and kill Russia president as he refused to stop the War,Africa wise Up,Africa will never get better,till Africa arise up and stand,white peoples is not African problem,Africa leaders are problems to Africa,even Gaddafi introduced gold currency to be the number one in the world,because of that one Americans tangle Gaddafi because if Gaddafi success that’s huge for the whole see African leaders are foolish and Klaus Schade was also a foolish man 101%foolishness.

Before African will have someone like Musmmar al Gaddafi again is very hard,so why African Union not raise the plan up and do it,you see they are foolish that is my statement use to them


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